Project Name:


Sponsors and Partners

1. Increasing the enrollment rate of Syrian refugees students in  higher education in jordan.


2. (Zero Hunger): Understanding Communities   Experiencing Food Insecurity.


 3.  Friedrich- Naumann Foundation:

  1.  Enhancing the economic perspectives of refugees and  marginalized groups on the basis of empirical studies and analysis.
  2.  Identifying the causes that increase the pressure for migration in Jordan for locals and refugees and formulate solution approaches for the reduction of these causes.

 4.  (REACH): Pathways to education: An International Study To Understand The Educational Experiences Of Refugee Children With Dis/abilities .


 5.  (PIANO): Pharmaceutical initiative for the medicinal plants of the Middle East in research and teaching


 6.   (LSFR): Learning & development for a Sustainable future for refugees & host communities to promote co-existence and Socio-Economic Development