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The Refugees, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center at Yarmouk University has established the “ALASCO Chair for Asylum, Displacement and Forced Migration” to join the scientific chairs at the level of the Arab world affiliated with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science - ALECSO - which operates within the framework of the League of Arab States.

The director of the Center for Refugees, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies at the university, Dr. Anas Al-Subuh, explained that the establishment of this chair came with the aim of developing work in the field of asylum, displacement and forced migration issues at the level of Arab member states, so that the chair would contribute to strengthening the capabilities of the center in following up on asylum issues and its consequences in Jordan and the Arab world And to participate in conferences held by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Arts within the framework of refugees, and to build bridges of dialogue and cooperation between the member states of the organization.

The Secretariat of the Executive Council and the General Conference of the Organization (the National Committees Section) has started to hold the second series of working sessions with officials and members of the 19 scientific chairs affiliated with ALECSO, which will extend from 05 to 29 April 2021, where the sessions are held with each scientific chair on Limit.

The Secretariat started its second series by holding its first programmed session with the Scientific Chair affiliated with ALECSO from Jordan at Yarmouk University, which is managed by Dr. Anas Al-Subuh, in the presence of Dr. Alaa Muhammad Al-Qudah, the Deputy Director, and Mr. Azzam Al-Azzam, Program Supervisor in the Chair.

It was agreed during the session on the mechanisms for implementing the project of this chair by holding several activities, the most prominent of which is conducting a study entitled "Reducing the risks of extremism among refugees", providing psychological and community support services to Syrian refugees in Jordan, and conducting another study on "the impact of the Corona pandemic, mental health and achievement." The academic for primary school students: a comparative study between Jordanian students and refugees,” and the organization of an activity entitled “Opportunities for All: Opportunities for Benefit to Refugees and Their Host Countries in Education - Cloud Computing Project for the Service of Education and Learners in Jordan (Cloud Computing). "