Sponsors & Partners   Status   Project Name                                                          
               Going  1. Tailor-Made Group Training (TMT). 
              Going 2.  (Zero Hunger): Understanding Communities   Experiencing Food Insecurity.
                 Going 3. (REACH): Pathways to education: An International Study To Understand The Educational Experiences Of Refugee Children With Dis/abilities.
           Completed  4. (PIANO): Pharmaceutical initiative for the medicinalplants of the Middle East in research and teaching.
               Going 5. Designing compensatory programs for learningdifficulties in Syrian refugee curricula.
          Completed 6. Increasing the enrollment rate of Syrian refugees students in  higher education in Jordan. 
  Orange KnowledgeProgram (OKP)              Going 7. INCLUDE: Towards more responsive SRHR services andsolutions that address the SRHR needs for youth and refugees in Jordan 
 DAAD         Completed  8.  JUICEE- Developing Jordanian Universities' Innovation
 Frankfurt University forapplied Sciences            Going   9.  Transnationalism and Localization in Social Work: Focus on Syrian Refugees
 Technical University of Berlin            Going  10. Building Refugees Integration through  urban developmentand social work (BRICK)
            Going   11.   (LSFR): Learning & development for a Sustainable future for refugees & hostcommunities to promote co-existence and Socio-Economic Development 
 QR GCRFUK University of BATH        Completed  12. Examining Obstacles to Female Labor Market Participation in Jordan
        Completed  13.  Friedrich- Naumann Foundation:


Enhancing the economic perspectives of refugees and  marginalized groups on the basis of empirical studies and analysis.

 Identifying the causes that increase the pressure for migration in Jordan for locals and refugees and formulate solution approaches for the reduction of these causes.

 EU- DG Research        Completed   14. Transnational figurations of Displacement: Connectivity and Mobility as solutions to Protracted Refugee Situations (TRAFIG).
         Completed   15.  Psychosocial Support and Trauma Work in Jordan/ Certifiedadvanced Training on community Based Psychosocial Support in the Context of Forced Migration(I). 
        Completed  16. Community Based Psychosocial Support in the Context of Forced Migration (II) 
          Completed  17. Psychosocial Support and Trauma Work in Jordan/ Certified advancedTraining on community Based Psychosocial Support in the Context of Forced Migration. (III) 
      Completed  18. Psychosocial Support and Trauma Work in Jordan/ Certified advanced Training on community Based Psychosocial Support in the Context of Forced Migration. (IV)
The Law Faculty, as an independent entity, commenced its function in September 1999. It succeeded the Law Department, which was established in 1991 as part of the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences.

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