Studies Outside The Yarmouk University ( Refugees)






       SAMHA M.

The Impact of Migratory Flows on Population Changes in Jordan: A Middle Eastern Case Study


Nimri L.F.; Hijazi S.

Rotavirus-associated diarrhoea in children in a refugee camp in Jordan

Al-Simadi F.; Atoum A.O.

Family environment and self-concept of palestinian youth living in Jordanian refugee camps


          Yusef J.I.

Management of diabetes mellitus and hypertension at UNRWA primary health care facilities in Lebanon

Al-Aqtum M.T.

Pregnancy outcome and birth spacing among Palestinian women between 1940 and 1989


Jaddou H.Y.

Psychiatric disorders among adolescent Jordanian returnees from Kuwait during the 1991 Gulf War

       Halabi J.O.

Nursing research with refugee clients: A call for more qualitative approaches


Jarrah S.; Nassar O.; Amre H.

Iraqi refugees in Jordan: Assessment of health needs

Banimelhem G.S.

Jordan's policy towards the peace in the middle east

Khader A.; Shaheen Y.; Turki Y.; el Awa F.; Fouad H.; Warren C.W.; Jones N.R.; Lea V.; Lee J.

Tobacco use among Palestine refugee students (UNRWA) aged 13-15


Simadi F.A.; Nahar G.S.

Refugees in Jordan: Sociological perspective


Hindiyeh M.Y.; Aboudy Y.; Wohoush M.; Shulman L.M.; Ram D.; Levin T.; Frank T.; Riccardo F.; Khalili M.; Sawalha E.-S.; Obeidi M.; Sabatinelli G.; Grossman Z.; Mendelson E.

Characterization of large mumps outbreak among vaccinated palestinian refugees


Hadadin N.; Qaqish M.; Akawwi E.; Bdour A.

Water shortage in Jordan - Sustainable solutions


Bartholomeusz L.

The mandate of UNRWA at sixty


               Hilal L.            

Peace prospects and implications for UNRWA's future: An international law perspective


Khatib I.M.; Samrah S.M.; Zghol F.M.

Nutritional interventions in refugee camps on Jordan's eastern border: Assessment of status of vulnerable groups


Mousa H.S.A.; Yousef S.; Riccardo F.; Zeidan W.; Sabatinelli G.

Hyperglycaemia, hypertension and their risk factors among Palestine refugees served by UNRWA; [Hyperglycémie, hypertension artérielle et facteurs de risque de ces maladies chez les réfugiés palestiniens pris en charge par l'UNRWA]


Bustami F.; Khraisha S.

Enterobius vermicularis infection in three refugee camps in Jordan

Al-Qdah T.; Lacroix M.

Iraqi refugees in jordan: Lessons for practice with refugees globally


Mateen F.J.; Carone M.; Nyce S.; Ghosn J.; Mutuerandu T.; Al-Saedy H.; Lowenstein D.H.; Burnham G.

Neurological disorders in Iraqi refugees in Jordan: Data from the United Nations Refugee Assistance Information System


Al-Makhamreh S.; Spaneas S.; Neocleous G.

The need for political competence social work practice: Lessons learned from a collaborative project on Iraqi Refugeesthe case of Jordan


Khader A.; Farajallah L.; Shahin Y.; Hababeh M.; Abu-Zayed I.; Kochi A.; Harries A.D.; Zachariah R.; Kapur A.; Venter W.; Seita A.

Cohort monitoring of persons with hypertension: An illustrated example from a primary healthcare clinic for Palestine refugees in Jordan


Khader A.; Farajallah L.; Shahin Y.; Hababeh M.; Abu-Zayed I.; Kochi A.; Harries A.D.; Zachariah R.; Kapur A.; Venter W.; Seita A.

Cohort monitoring of persons with diabetes mellitus in a primary healthcare clinic for Palestine refugees in Jordan


Al-Modallal H.

Psychological partner violence and women's vulnerability to depression, stress, and anxiety


Al-Modallal H.

Patterns of Coping with Partner Violence: Experiences of Refugee Women in Jordan


Mateen F.J.; Carone M.; Al-Saedy H.; Nyce S.; Ghosn J.; Mutuerandu T.; Black R.E.

Medical conditions among Iraqi refugees in Jordan: Data from the United Nations refugee assistance information system; [Pathologies des réfugiés irakiens en Jordanie: Données du Systëme d'Information Sanitaire des réfugiés des Nations Unies]


Mustafa K.N.; Hammoudeh M.; Khan M.A.

HLA-B27 prevalence in Arab populations and among patients with ankylosing spondylitis


Yanni E.A.; Naoum M.; Odeh N.; Han P.; Coleman M.; Burke H.

The health profile and chronic diseases comorbidities of us-bound iraqi refugees screened by the international organization for migration in Jordan: 2007-2009


Al-Nammari F.

Participatory urban upgrading and power: Lessons learnt from a pilot project in Jordan


Tappuni A.R.; Tbakhi A.; Sharquie K.E.; Hayani R.K.; Al-Kaisi A.; Lafi A.; Al-Araji A.

A Comparative Study of the Genetics of Behçet's Disease in Iraq: International Collaboration to Transfer Clinical and Laboratory Skills to Baghdad Medical School and Hospitals


Al Badawi A.S.

The downfall of Andalusian cities in the Andalusian poetry


Jaber S.M.; Ibbini J.H.; Hijjawi N.S.; Amdar N.M.

An Exploratory Comparative Study of Recent Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Syrian Arab Republic pre-Arab Spring and Their Health Policy Implications


Alnsour J.; Meaton J.

Housing conditions in Palestinian refugee camps, Jordan 

Al-Nammari F.

When the global impacts the local: Revisiting talbiyeh camp improvement project 

Jabbar S.A.; Zaza H.I.

Impact of conflict in Syria on Syrian children at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan 

Navarro-Colorado C.; Mahamud A.; Burton A.; Haskew C.; Maina G.K.; Wagacha J.B.; Ahmed J.A.; Shetty S.; Cookson S.; Goodson J.L.; Schilperoord M.; Spiegel P.

Measles outbreak response among adolescent and adult Somali refugees displaced by famine in Kenya and Ethiopia, 2011 

Khader A.; Ballout G.; Shahin Y.; Hababeh M.; Farajallah L.; Zeidan W.; Abu-Zayed I.; Kochi A.; Harries A.D.; Zachariah R.; Kapur A.; Shaikh I.; Seita A.

Treatment outcomes in a cohort of Palestine refugees with diabetes mellitus followed through use of E-Health over 3 years in Jordan 

Khader A.; Ballout G.; Shahin Y.; Hababeh M.; Farajallah L.; Zeidan W.; Abu-Zayed I.; Kochi A.; Harries A.D.; Zachariah R.; Kapur A.; Shaikh I.; Seita A.

What happens to Palestine refugees with diabetes mellitus in a primary healthcare centre in Jordan who fail to attend a quarterly clinic appointment? 

Khader A.; Farajallah L.; Shahin Y.; Hababeh M.; Abu-Zayed I.; Zachariah R.; Kochi A.; Kapur A.; Harries A.D.; Shaikh I.; Seita A.

Hypertension and treatment outcomes in Palestine refugees in United Nations Relief and Works Agency primary health care clinics in Jordan 

Taha H.; Nyström L.; Al-Qutob R.; Berggren V.; Esmaily H.; Wahlström R.

Home visits to improve breast health knowledge and screening practices in a less privileged area in Jordan 

Ewen M.; Al Sakit M.; Saadeh R.; Laing R.; Vialle-Valentin C.; Seita A.; Bunders J.

Comparative assessment of medicine procurement prices in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) 

Roggema R.; Alshboul A.A.

Advanced use of the urban metabolism model in rapidly changing cities 

Alnsour J.

The effectiveness of urban management in Jordanian municipalities 

Al-Modallal H.; Hamaideh S.; Mudallal R.

Mental health status of women in jordan: A comparative study between attendees of governmental and un relief and works agency's health care centers 

Al-Modallal H.; Abu Zayed I.; Abujilban S.; Shehab T.; Atoum M.

Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence Among Women Visiting Health Care Centers in Palestine Refugee Camps in Jordan 

Smetana J.G.; Ahmad I.; Wray-Lake L.

Iraqi, Syrian, and Palestinian Refugee Adolescents' Beliefs About Parental Authority Legitimacy and Its Correlates 

Ahmad I.; Smetana J.G.; Klimstra T.

Maternal Monitoring, Adolescent Disclosure, and Adolescent Adjustment Among Palestinian Refugee Youth in Jordan 

Doocy S.; Lyles E.; Roberton T.; Akhu-Zaheya L.; Oweis A.; Burnham G.

Prevalence and care-seeking for chronic diseases among Syrian refugees in Jordan 

Cookson S.T.; Abaza H.; Clarke K.R.; Burton A.; Sabrah N.A.; Rumman K.A.; Odeh N.; Naoum M.

Impact of and response to increased tuberculosis prevalence among Syrian refugees compared with Jordanian tuberculosis prevalence: Case study of a tuberculosis public health strategy 

Saadeh R.; Qato D.; Khader A.; Shahin Y.; Seita A.

Trends in the utilization of antihypertensive medications among Palestine refugees in Jordan, 2008-2012 

Basheti I.A.; Qunaibi E.A.; Malas R.

Psychological impact of life as refugees: A pilot study on a Syrian Camp in Jordan 

Doocy S.; Lyles E.; Akhu-Zaheya L.; Burton A.; Weiss W.

Health service utilization and access to medicines among Syrian refugee children in Jordan 

Gammoh O.S.; Al-Smadi A.; Al-Awaida W.; Badr M.M.; Qinna N.A.

Increased Salivary Nitric Oxide and G6PD Activity in Refugees with Anxiety and Stress 

Shaqour F.; Taany R.; Rimawi O.; Saffarini G.

Quantifying specific capacity and salinity variability in Amman Zarqa Basin, Central Jordan, using empirical statistical and geostatistical techniques 

Al-Ammouri I.; Ayoub F.

Heart Disease in Syrian Refugee Children: Experience at Jordan University Hospital 

Smetana J.G.; Ahmad I.; Wray-Lake L.

Beliefs about parental authority legitimacy among refugee youth in jordan: Between- and Within-Person variations 

Jabbar S.A.; Zaza H.I.

Evaluating a vocational training programme for women refugees at the Zaatari camp in Jordan: women empowerment: a journey and not an output 

Doocy S.; Lyles E.; Akhu-Zaheya L.; Burton A.; Burnham G.

Health service access and utilization among Syrian refugees in Jordan 

Hossain S.M.M.; Leidman E.; Kingori J.; Al Harun A.; Bilukha O.O.

Nutritional situation among Syrian refugees hosted in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon: cross sectional surveys 

Jacob J.H.; Irshaid F.I.; Alhalib M.A.

Estimation and identification of airborne bacteria and fungi in the outdoor atmosphere of Al-Mafraq area, Jordan 

Gammoh O.S.

A preliminary description of medical complaints and medication consumption among 375 Syrian refugees residing in North Jordan 

Doocy S.; Lyles E.; Akhu-Zaheya L.; Oweis A.; Al Ward N.; Burton A.

Health service utilization among syrian refugees with chronic health conditions in Jordan 

Al-Farajat M.; Diabat A.; Al-Adamat R.; Al-Amoush H.

Geo-structural analysis accompanied by GIS vulnerability mapping validated by hydro-chemical modeling in determining spatial expansion of landfills: Case study from Jordan 

Butler B.; Al-Nammari F.

"We Palestinian refugees" - Heritage Rites and/as the clothing of bare life: Reconfiguring paradox, obligation, and imperative in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan 

Mhaidat F.

The adaptive problems of female teenage refugees and their behavioral adjustment methods for coping 

Santoro A.; Abu-Rmeileh N.; Khader A.; Seita A.; McKee M.

Primary healthcare reform in the united nations relief and works agency for Palestine refugees in the near east; [Réforme des soins de santé primaires à l’Office de secours et de travaux des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés de Palestine dans le Proche-Orient] 

Al-Smadi A.M.; Halaseh H.J.; Gammoh O.S.; Ashour A.F.; Gharaibeh B.; Khoury L.S.

Do chronic diseases and availability of medications predict post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among Syrian refugees in Jordan? 

Ismail Y.

Prevalence of parasitic contamination in salad vegetables collected from supermarkets and street vendors in Amman and Baqa'a - Jordan 

Alqdah T.

Social worker in crises - Social study about societal adjustment for Syrian Refugees with the local community


Qasaimeh G.R.; Shotar A.M.; Alkhail S.J.A.; Qasaimeh M.G.

The pattern of the Syrian refugee’s injuries managed in King Abdullah University Hospital (Jordan) 

Rödiger T.; Magri F.; Geyer S.; Morandage S.T.; Ali Subah H.E.; Alraggad M.; Siebert C.

Assessing anthropogenic impacts on limited water resources under semi-arid conditions: three-dimensional transient regional modelling in Jordan; [Evaluation des impacts anthropiques sur des ressources en eau limitées en conditions semi-arides: modélisation régionale tridimensionnelle en régime transitoire en Jordanie]; [Avaliando os impactos antropogênicos em recursos hídricos limitados sob condições semiáridas: modelagem transiente regional tridimensional na Jordânia]; [Evaluación de los impactos antropogénicos sobre los limitados recursos hídricos en condiciones semiáridas: modelización regional tridimensional transitoria en Jordania] 

Alduraidi H.; Waters C.M.

Health-related quality of life of Palestinian refugees inside and outside camps in Jordan 

Saidan M.N.; Drais A.A.; Al-Manaseer E.

Solid waste composition analysis and recycling evaluation: Zaatari Syrian Refugees Camp, Jordan 

Alnuaimi K.; Kassab M.; Ali R.; Mohammad K.; Shattnawi K.

Pregnancy outcomes among Syrian refugee and Jordanian women: a comparative study 

Al-Smadi A.M.; Tawalbeh L.I.; Gammoh O.S.; Ashour A.F.; Alshraifeen A.; Gougazeh Y.M.

Anxiety, stress, and quality of life among Iraqi refugees in Jordan: A cross sectional survey 

Al-Qdah T.A.K.; Lacroix M.

Syrian refugees in Jordan: Social workers use a Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) methodology for needs assessment, human rights and community development 

Al-Smadi A.M.; Tawalbeh L.I.; Gammoh O.S.; Ashour A.; Alzoubi F.A.; Slater P.

Predictors of Coping Strategies Employed by Iraqi Refugees in Jordan 

Alawneh K.; Raffee L.; Hamouri S.

Delayed Endovascular Stenting of Right Subclavian Artery Pseudoaneurysm Caused by Gunshot Accident in a Syrian Refugee: A Case Report 

Mahmoud Saleh F.I.; Sweis R.J.; Abdelqader B.Y.; Abdallah A.B.; Arafeh M.

The effect of TQM dimensions on the performance of international non-governmental organisations operating in Jordan 

Gammoh O.S.; Al-Smadi A.; Mukattash T.; Al-Katib W.; Attarian H.; Al-Shawagfeh M.

Efficacy of single dose antihistamine vs. single dose valerian-hops in subjective sleep measures among war refugees: A comparison trial


Neimneh S.S.

Postcolonial Arabic fiction revisited: Naturalism and existentialism in Ghassan Kanafani's men in the sun


van der Helm A.W.C.; Bhai A.; Coloni F.; Koning W.J.G.; de Bakker P.T.

Developing water and sanitation services in refugee settings from emergency to sustainability – The case of Zaatari camp in Jordan


Khanfar M.F.; Al-Faqheri W.; Al-Halhouli A.

Low cost lab on chip for the colorimetric detection of nitrate in mineral water products


Roberton T.; Weiss W.; Oweis A.; Zaheya L.-A.; Lyles E.; Burnham G.; Hanquart B.; Chela L.; Aridi N.; Kassab N.; Keyrouz A.; Fouad F.; Sibai A.; Al-Shatti D.; de la Roche F.; Woodman M.; Doocy S.

Challenges in estimating vaccine coverage in refugee and displaced populations: Results from household surveys in Jordan and Lebanon


Daher A.; Alabbadi I.

Investigating the effect of syrian refugees on the pharmaceutical sector in jordan

Mohammad K.I.; Abu Awad D.; Creedy D.K.; Gamble J.

Postpartum depression symptoms among Syrian refugee women living in Jordan


Al-Bajjali S.K.; Shamayleh A.Y.

Estimating the determinants of electricity consumption in Jordan


Sawalhah M.N.; Al-Kofahi S.D.; Othman Y.A.; Cibils A.F.

Assessing rangeland cover conversion in Jordan after the Arab spring using a remote sensing approach


Dajani R.; Hadfield K.; van Uum S.; Greff M.; Panter-Brick C.

Hair cortisol concentrations in war-affected adolescents: A prospective intervention trial


Al Baz M.; Law M.R.; Saadeh R.

Antibiotics use among Palestine refugees attending UNRWA primary health care centers in Jordan – A cross-sectional study


Canali G.; Tittle V.; Seita A.

Medication adherence by Palestine refugees living in Jordan who have diabetes: a cross-sectional study


Hababeh M.; Zeidan W.; El-Kader M.A.; Thaher A.A.; Kassim N.; Habash E.; Arab H.; Khader A.; Seita A.

Contraceptive use by Palestine refugee mothers of young children attending UNRWA clinics: a cross-sectional follow-up study 

Murray C.J.L.; Callender C.S.K.H.; Kulikoff X.R.; Srinivasan V.; Abate D.; Abate K.H.; Abay S.M.; Abbasi N.; Abbastabar H.; Abdela J.; Abdelalim A.; Abdel-Rahman O.; Abdi A.; Abdoli N.; Abdollahpour I.; Abdulkader R.S.; Abebe H.T.; Abebe M.; Abebe Z.; Abebo T.A.; Abejie A.N.; Aboyans V.; Abraha H.N.; Abreu D.M.X.; Abrham A.R.; Abu-Raddad L.J.; Abu-Rmeileh N.M.E.; Accrombessi M.M.K.; Acharya P.; Adamu A.A.; Adebayo O.M.; Adedeji I.A.; Adekanmbi V.; Adetokunboh O.O.; Adhena B.M.; Adhikari T.B.; Adib M.G.; Adou A.K.; Adsuar J.C.; Afarideh M.; Afshin A.; Agarwal G.; Agesa K.M.; Aghayan S.A.; Agrawal S.; Ahmadi A.; Ahmadi M.; Ahmed M.B.; Ahmed S.; Aichour A.N.; Aichour I.; Aichour M.T.E.; Akanda A.S.; Akbari M.E.; Akibu M.; Akinyemi R.O.; Akinyemiju T.; Akseer N.; Alahdab F.; Al-Aly Z.; Alam K.; Alebel A.; Aleman A.V.; Alene K.A.; Al-Eyadhy A.; Ali R.; Alijanzadeh M.; Alizadeh-Navaei R.; Aljunid S.M.; Alkerwi A.; Alla F.; Allebeck P.; Almasi A.; Alonso J.; Al-Raddadi R.M.; Alsharif U.; Altirkawi K.; 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Applying design science approach to architectural design development 

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Oral health-related quality of life among Syrian refugees in Jordan: a cross-sectional study 

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Psychometric testing of the Arabic version of the Patient Health Questionnaire among adolescent refugees living in Jordan 

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Perspectives of Registered Nurses on refugee healthcare in Lebanon and Jordan (PROfILE): A multi-site cross-sectional study protocol; [黎巴嫩和约旦持证护士对难民医疗保健的观点(概要):多地点横断面研究方案] 

Salim N.A.; ElSa'aideh B.B.; Maayta W.A.; Hassona Y.M.

Dental services provided to Syrian refugee children in Jordan: A retrospective study 

Nasir S.; Goto R.; Kitamura A.; Alafeef S.; Ballout G.; Hababeh M.; Kiriya J.; Seita A.; Jimba M.

Dissemination and implementation of the e-MCH H andbook, UNRWA's newly released maternal and child health mobile application: A cross-sectional study 

Al Hwayan O.

Predictive Ability of Future Anxiety in Professional Decision-Making Skill among a Syrian Refugee Adolescent in Jordan 

Al-Zoubi M.

Trafficked refugees: The Jordanian efforts to address this issue 

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The challenges of registration of asylum-seekers in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan 

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Ghassan Kanafani’s Returning to Haifa: tracing memory beyond the rubble 

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Dietary Inadequacy, Micronutrient Deficiencies, and Approaches to Preventing Poor Nutrition in the Gaza Strip 

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Group problem management plus (gPM+) in the treatment of common mental disorders in Syrian refugees in a Jordanian camp: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 

Gausman J.; Othman A.; Dababneh A.; Dabobe M.; Hamad I.; Daas I.; Langer A.

A social-ecological examination into the research, policy and health service delivery environment related to early marriage and sexual and gender-based violence among youth in Jordan 

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Measuring the psychosocial, biological, and cognitive signatures of profound stress in humanitarian settings: impacts, challenges, and strategies in the field 

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"to die is better for me", social suffering among Syrian refugees at a noncommunicable disease clinic in Jordan: A qualitative study 

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Assessment of the knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) among UNRWA*health staff in Jordan concerning mental health programme pre-implementation: a cross-sectional study 

Aburamadan R.; Trillo C.; Makore B.C.N.

Designing refugees’ camps: temporary emergency solutions, or contemporary paradigms of incomplete urban citizenship? Insights from Al Za’atari 

Rababah O.A.R.A.

The Quality Level of Education of the Syrian Refugee Students in the North of Jordan: Educational Supervisors' Point of View 

Wien S.S.; Kumar G.S.; Bilukha O.O.; Slim W.; Burke H.M.; Jentes E.S.

Health profile of pediatric special immigrant visa holders arriving from Iraq and Afghanistan to the United States, 2009-2017: A cross-sectional analysis 

Kumar G.S.; Wien S.S.; Phares C.R.; Slim W.; Burke H.M.; Jentes E.S.

Health profile of adult special immigrant visa holders arriving from Iraq and Afghanistan to the United States, 2009-2017: A crosssectional analysis 

Takahashi E.A.; Masoud L.; Mukbel R.; Guitian J.; Stevens K.B.

Modelling habitat suitability in Jordan for the cutaneous leishmaniasis vector (Phlebotomus papatasi) using multicriteria decision analysis 

Saidan M.N.; Drais A.A.; Al-Manaseer E.

Opportunities of 'Waste to (positive) Energy' project in refugees-hosting communities 

Al-Dabbagh U.M.K.; Amro H.S.

Reconciliation or alienation: The representation of the syrian refugee crisis in the jordanian print media: Al-ghad newspaper as a case study 

Odeh T.; Mohammad A.H.

Wise water resources management under the increasing number of refugees in the third poorest water resources country (Jordan) - A suggested future spatial plan for water resources investments 

Alawneh M.A.L.; Nuaimi N.; Abu-Gharbieh E.; Basheti I.A.

A randomized control trial assessing the effect of a pharmaceutical care service on syrian refugees’ quality of life and anxiety 

Ali A.S.S.A.

Efficiency of intervention counseling program on the enhanced psychological well-being and reduced post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms among syrian women refugee survivors 

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Trend of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Jordan from 2010 to 2016: Retrospective study 

Price M.; Safadi R.; Clements D.

Reproductive Health Experiences of Syrian Refugees Residing in Jordan 

Al-Husban Y.; Ayen A.

The impact of the syrian civil war on land use / land cover in al-yarmouk basin during 2010–2018  

Gausman J.; Othman A.; Dababneh A.; Hamad I.; Dabobe M.; Daas I.; Langer A.

Landscape analysis of family planning research, programmes and policies targeting young people in Jordan: Stakeholder assessment and systematic review; [Analyse globale de la recherche, des programmes et des politiques de planification familiale ciblant les jeunes en Jordanie: évaluation des parties prenantes et revue systématique]  

Saidan M.; Drais A.A.; Al-Manaseer E.; Alshishani M.; Linton C.

Scale and impacts of livelihoods development on women empowerment in the solid waste sector of jordan 

Alsoudi A.

The socio-economic impact of syrian refugees on labor in jordan: A case study on local communities in mafraq governorate 

Al Ammouri B.

Privatizing refugees' human rights in hamid's exit west, coetzee's the childhood of jesus and the schooldays of jesus, and hosseini's sea prayer 

Alshawawreh L.; Pomponi F.; D'Amico B.; Snaddon S.; Guthrie P.

Qualifying the sustainability of novel designs and existing solutions for post-disaster and post-conflict sheltering 

Adaileh L.; Alsaideh J.

Problems of Syrian refugee women in Jordan: a societal study in the al-Balqa governorate 

Alduraidi H.; Dardas L.A.; Price M.M.

Social determinants of resilience among syrian refugees in Jordan 

Al-Husban N.A.; Alshorman S.M.

Perceptions of syrian student refugees towards blended learning: Implications for higher education institutions 

Yaseen S.G.; Omoush K.S.A.

Mobile crowdsourcing technology acceptance and engagement in crisis management: The case of syrian refugees 

Ali N.; Al Ganideh S.F.

Syrian refugees in Jordan: Burden or Boon 

Nabolsi M.; Safadi R.; Sun C.; Ahmad M.; Al-Maharma D.; Halasa S.; Saleh M.; Dohrn J.

The health-related quality of life of Syrian refugee women in their reproductive age 

Al-Harahsheh S.; Masad M.; Ibrahim M.; Al-Awaideh S.; Alnawaiseh A.

Study of municipal landfill site for dioxin/furan and chlorinated pesticides for al-husainiyat landfill in Al-Mafraq Jordan




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Viewpoint: Jordan’s public and surveillance health policies: During and after COVID-19

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Trauma exposure and post-traumatic stress symptoms among Syrian refugee youth in Jordan: Social support and gender as moderators 

Abushaikha I.; Wu Z.; Khoury T.A.

Towards a theory of informal supply networks: An exploratory case study of the Za'atari refugee camp 

Alzoubi F.A.; Ali R.A.; Al-Gharaibeh A.H.

Resettled Syrian refugees in Jordan: Survival or health promotion 

Malak M.Z.; Al-amer R.M.; Khalifeh A.H.; Jacoub S.M.

Evaluation of psychological reactions among teenage married girls in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan 

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Perceived stress among university students: Syrian refugees versus Jordanians 

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Evaluation of Social Phobia among Syrian Refugees’ Youth in Jordan 

Fraiwan M.; Almomani F.; Hammouri H.

Body mass index and potential correlates among elementary school children in Jordan 

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Impact of socio-demographic factors on knowledge, attitude and practices toward scabies among syrian refugees in Jordan: A prospective cross sectional study 

Moran F.; Fosas D.; Coley D.; Natarajan S.; Orr J.; Ahmad O.B.

Improving thermal comfort in refugee shelters in desert environments 

Kheirallah K.A.; Al-Mistarehi A.-H.; Alsawalha L.; Hijazeen Z.; Mahrous H.; Sheikali S.; Al-Ramini S.; Maayeh M.; Dodeen R.; Farajeh M.; Masadeh N.; Alemam A.; Alsulaiman J.; Samhouri D.

Prioritizing zoonotic diseases utilizing the One Health approach: Jordan's experience 

Powell T.M.; Li S.-J.; Hsiao Y.; Thompson M.; Farraj A.; Abdoh M.; Farraj R.

An integrated physical and mental health awareness education intervention to reduce non-communicable diseases among Syrian refugees and Jordanians in host communities: A natural experiment study 

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An immunization program for US-bound refugees: Development, challenges, and opportunities 2012–present 

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Quantifying movement patterns and vaccination status of high risk mobile populations in Pakistan and Afghanistan to inform poliovirus risk and vaccination strategy 

Atallah S.M.; Al-Jaghbir M.T.; Zayed A.A.

The prevalence of diabetic peripheral neuropathy among diabetic Palestinian refugees in the Nuzha area, Jordan: a cross-sectional study 

Yoneda K.; Hababeh M.; Kitamura A.; Seita A.; Kamiya Y.

Prevalence and characteristics of Palestine refugee mothers at risk of postpartum depression in Amman, Jordan: a cross-sectional study 

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‘I Dream of Going Home’: Gendered Experiences of Adolescent Syrian Refugees in Jordan’s Azraq Camp 

Panter-Brick C.; Dajani R.; Hamadmad D.; Hadfield K.

Comparing online and in-person surveys: assessing a measure of resilience with Syrian refugee youth 

Gausman J.; Othman A.; Daas I.; Hamad I.; Dabobe M.; Langer A.

How Jordanian and Syrian youth conceptualise their sexual and reproductive health needs: a visual exploration using concept mapping 

Busetta A.; Mendola D.; Wilson B.; Cetorelli V.

Measuring vulnerability of asylum seekers and refugees in Italy 

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Feasibility trial of a scalable transdiagnostic group psychological intervention for Syrians residing in a refugee camp; [  对居住在难民营中的叙利亚人进行可扩展跨诊断团体心理干预的可行性试验]; [  Ensayo de viabilidad de una intervención psicológica grupal transdiagnóstica escalable para sirios que residen en un campo de refugiados] 

Akhtar A.; Bawaneh A.; Awwad M.; Al-Hayek H.; Sijbrandij M.; Cuijpers P.; Bryant R.A.

A longitudinal study of mental health before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in Syrian refugees; [  项关于叙利亚难民在 COVID-19 疫情之前和期间心理健康的纵向研究]; [  Un estudio longitudinal de la salud mental antes y durante la pandemia por la COVID-19 en refugiados sirios] 

Guo P.; Chukwusa E.; Asad M.; Nimri O.; Arqoub K.; Alajarmeh S.; Mansour A.; Sullivan R.; Shamieh O.; Harding R.

Changing mortality and place of death in response to refugee influx: A population-based cross-sectional study in Jordan, 2005-2016 

Alkhalidi A.; Abuothman A.; Aldweik A.; Al-Bazaz A.-H.

Is it a possibility to achieve energy plus prefabricated building worldwide? 

Shand W.; Van Blerk L.; Prazeres L.; Bukenya B.; Ibrahim R.; Hunter J.; Essaid A.A.; Kasirye R.

The Effects of Limited Work Opportunities on Transitions to Adulthood among Young Refugees in Uganda and Jordan 

Salim N.A.; Shaini F.J.; Sartawi S.; Al-Shboul B.

Oral Health Status and Dental Treatment Needs in Syrian Refugee Children in Zaatari Camp 

Hamadneh S.; Hamadneh J.; Amarin Z.; Kassab M.; Obeidat R.; Rawashdeh H.

Knowledge and attitudes regarding Covid-19 among syrian refugee women in Jordan 

Al-Smadi A.M.; Tawalbeh L.I.; Gammoh O.S.; Ashour A.F.; Shajrawi A.; Attarian H.

Relationship between anxiety, post-traumatic stress, insomnia and fibromyalgia among female refugees in jordan: A cross-sectional study 

Shaker-Berbari L.; Qahoush Tyler V.; Akik C.; Jamaluddine Z.; Ghattas H.

Predictors of complementary feeding practices among children aged 6–23 months in five countries in the Middle East and North Africa region 

Alduraidi H.; Abdulla Aqel A.; Saleh Z.; Almansour I.; Darawad M.

UNRWA’s role in promoting health outcomes of Palestinian refugees in Jordan: A systematic literature review 

Hendaus M.; Mourad N.; Younes S.; Hammoudi D.; Rahal M.; Basheti I.

The psychological impact of the Syrian crisis on refugees living in Lebanon 

Parmar P.K.; Rawashdah F.; Al-Ali N.; Abu Al Rub R.; Fawad M.; Al Amire K.; Al-Maaitah R.; Ratnayake R.

Integrating community health volunteers into non-communicable disease management among Syrian refugees in Jordan: A causal loop analysis 

Gausman J.; Abu Sabbah E.; Othman A.; Hamad I.L.; Dabobe M.; Langer A.

Understanding attitudes and norms related to sexual and gender-based violence among youth in Jordan: An egocentric social network study protocol 

Guo P.; Alajarmeh S.; Alarja G.; Alrjoub W.; Al-Essa A.; Abusalem L.; Mansour A.; Sullivan R.; Shamieh O.; Harding R.

Compounded trauma: A qualitative study of the challenges for refugees living with advanced cancer 

Abdel-Razeq H.; Tamimi F.; Abdel-Razeq N.; El-Atrash M.; Sharaf B.; Mustafa R.; Mansour R.; Bater R.

Late presentation and suboptimal treatment of breast cancer among Syrian refugees: a retrospective study 

Amr R.A.; Al-Smadi A.M.; Akasheh R.T.; Deiranieh R.A.; Gammoh O.S.; Hammouh F.G.; Amr R.A.; Dababneh B.F.

Mood and demographical factors as predictors of body mass index among Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan 

Mustafa-Awad Z.; Kirner-Ludwig M.

Syrian refugees in digital news discourse: Depictions and reflections in Germany 

Haider A.S.; Olimy S.S.; Al-Abbas L.S.

Media Coverage of Syrian Female Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon 

Salim N.A.; Al-Abdullah M.M.; AlHamdan A.S.; Satterthwaite J.D.

Prevalence of malocclusion and assessment of orthodontic treatment needs among Syrian refugee children and adolescents: a cross-sectional study 

Salim N.A.; Meyad F.H.; Al-Abdallah M.M.; Abu-Awwad M.; Satterthwaite J.D.

Knowledge and awareness of dental implants among Syrian refugees: a cross sectional study in Zaatari camp 

Salim N.A.; Alamoush R.A.; Al-Abdallah M.M.; Al-Asmar A.A.; Satterthwaite J.D.

Relationship between dental caries, oral hygiene and malocclusion among Syrian refugee children and adolescents: a cross-sectional study 

Salim N.A.; Meyad S.H.; Sawair F.A.; Satterthwaite J.D.; Sartawi S.

Satisfaction with healthcare services among refugees in Zaatari camp in Jordan 

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A case analysis of partnered research on palliative care for refugees in Jordan and Rwanda 

Lyles B.E.; Chua S.; Barham Y.; Pfieffer-Mundt K.; Spiegel P.; Burton A.; Doocy S.

Improving diabetes control for Syrian refugees in Jordan: a longitudinal cohort study comparing the effects of cash transfers and health education interventions 

Hanatleh O.M.; Kofahi N.K.; Aburahma S.K.; Bintareef E.M.; Al-Bashtawy M.; Alkhawaldeh A.; Ibnian A.M.

A 5-year-old palestinian bedouin girl with repeated self-induced injuries to the digits, a diagnosis of congenital insensitivity to pain, and anhidrosis 

Hamdan M.; Abd-Alhamid F.; Dabbour L.

Impact of passive techniques on thermal behavior of emergency shelters 

Ansbro É.; Homan T.; Merino D.P.; Jobanputra K.; Qasem J.; Muhammad S.; Fardous T.; Perel P.

Clinical outcomes in a primary-level noncommunicable disease programme for Syrian refugees and the host population in Jordan: A cohort analysis using routine data 

Alshoubaki W.; Harris M.

Multiple streams theory: Insight into the global compact on migration 

Salim N.A.; Maayta W.A.; Hassona Y.; Hammad M.

Oral health status and risk determinants in adult syrian refugees in Jordan 

Salim N.A.; El-Smadi L.A.; Sawair F.A.; Satterthwaite J.D.

Parental perception and acceptance of silver diamine fluoride treatment among syrian refugees 

Khudair S.A.; Khader Y.S.; Morrissey H.; El-Khatib Z.; Sandor J.

Factors associated with suboptimal adherence to hypertensive medications among syrian refugees – Cross-sectional study at the Zaatari camp, Jordan 

Yousef H.; Al-Sheyab N.; Al Nsour M.; Khader Y.; Al Kattan M.; Bardus M.; Alyahya M.; Taha H.; Amiri M.

Perceptions toward the use of digital technology for enhancing family planning services: Focus group discussion with beneficiaries and key informative interview with midwives 

Rifai F.; Ramadan B.M.; Yousif A.S.H.; Al-Dweiri M.; Alsmadi A.A.

The impact of using outsourcing strategy by humanitarian organizations on logistical performance: An empirical investigation from a developing country 

Al-Qerem W.; Al-Maayah B.; Ling J.

Developing and validating the arabic version of the diabetes quality of life questionnaire; [Élaboration et validation de la version arabe du questionnaire sur la qualité de vie des patients diabétiques] 

Sharp M.; Parpia A.; Ahram M.; Mahmoud R.; Khoshnood K.

Prevalence of and risk factors for depression among female Syrian refugees and Jordanians with chronic disease: a pilot study; [Prévalence et facteurs de risque de la dépression chez les réfugiées syriennes et les Jordaniennes atteintes de maladies chroniques: une étude pilote] 

Sharp M.; Kara J.; Almidani S.; Ahram M.; Mahmoud R.; Khoshnood K.

Exploring the bidirectional relationship between chronic disease and depression among female Syrian refugees and Jordanians: A qualitative analysis; [Étude de la relation bidirectionnelle entre maladie chronique et dépression chez les réfugiées syriennes et les Jordaniennes: Une analyse qualitative] 

Yonis O.B.; Khader Y.; Al-Mistarehi A.-H.; Khudair S.A.; Dawoud M.

Behavioural and emotional symptoms among schoolchildren: a comparison between Jordanians and Syrian refugees; [Symptômes comportementaux et émotionnels chez les écoliers: comparaison entre les Jordaniens et les réfugiés syriens] 

Salman M.E.

Variation in the Speech of Two Palestinian Immigrant Groups; [Варіації в мовленні двох палестинських імміграційних груп]; [Ель Салман Махмуд. Вариация речи двух палестинских иммигрантских групп] 

Michalek J.E.; Lisi M.; Awad D.; Hadfield K.; Mareschal I.; Dajani R.

The Effects of a Reading-Based Intervention on Emotion Processing in Children Who Have Suffered Early Adversity and War Related Trauma 

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Reorganization of Substance Use Treatment and Harm Reduction Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Global Survey 

Aldayyat E.A.; Saidan M.N.; Al-Hamamre Z.; Al-Addous M.; Alkasrawi M.

Pyrolysis of solid waste for bio-oil and char production in refugees’ camp: A case study 

Al-Makhamreh H.; Alkhulaifat D.; Al-Ani A.; Mafrachi B.; Saadeh A.; Al-Ani H.; Hani A.B.; Alryalat S.A.

The impact of war-related stress on coronary artery disease severity in war survivors: A syntax study 

Ahmad I.; Smetana J.

Palestinian refugee youth in jordan: Parental practices, neighborhood cohesion and assistance and adolescent wellbeing 

Khader Y.; Bsoul M.; Assoboh L.; Al-Bsoul M.; Al-Akour N.

Depression and anxiety and their associated factors among jordanian adolescents and syrian adolescent refugees 

Alkhatib A.S.; Jaradat S.A.

The Impact of Blended Learning using the Ideas Box on the Motivation for Learning Among Non-formal Syrian Female Refugee Students in Jordan 

Akhtar A.; Engels M.; Bawaneh A.; Bird M.; Bryant R.; Cuijpers P.; Hansen P.; Al-Hayek H.; Ilkkursun Z.; Kurt G.; Sijbrandij M.; Underhill J.; Acarturk C.

Cultural Adaptation of a Low-Intensity Group Psychological Intervention for Syrian Refugees 

Anabtawi M.; Al Amad T.; Seine M.; AlQudah T.; Alsamhouri M.

Impact of Syrian Refugees crisis on Al-Mafraq hosting community: Lessons for intervention with social work profession

Aladwan F.; Alzaben M.; Almahaireh A.; Sulaiman M.

The Meaning of Life and its Relations with Unhealthy Behaviors among Syrian Adolescent Refugees Enrolled in Public Schools in Jordan

Abutayeh N.

The Library as an Inspiring Space for Learning and Innovation

Sbeitan Alhalalmeh A.M.

The implications of the adoption of the Jewish national law on the Palestinian cause

Alwaked A.A.; Al-qalawi U.R.; Azaizeh S.Y.

Efficiency of Jordanian public hospitals (2006–2015) 

Dehnel R.; Dalky H.; Sudarsan S.; Al-Delaimy W.K.

Resilience and Mental Health Among Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan 

Darawsheh W.B.; Tabbaa S.; Bewernitz M.; Justiss M.

Resettlement Experiences of Syrian Refugees in the United States: Policy Challenges and Directions 

Hadfield K.; Al-Hamad M.; Bakhti R.; Dajani R.; El Kharouf A.; Michalek J.; Mukunzi J.; Qtaishat L.; Sethi T.; von Stumm S.; Mareschal I.

Predictors of Literacy and Attitudes Toward Reading Among Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan 

Al-Kharabsheh N.M.

Assessment of water resources in Yarmouk River Basin using geospatial technique during the period 1980–2020 

Ramadan M.; Kheirallah K.; Saleh T.; Bellizzi S.; Shorman E.

The Relationship Between Spirituality and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Syrian Adolescents in Jordan 

Khader Y.S.; Maalouf W.; Khdair M.A.; Al-Nsour M.; Aga E.; Khalifa A.; Kassasbeh M.; El-Halabi S.; Alfven T.; El-Khatib Z.

Scaling the Children Immunization App (CIMA) to Support Child Refugees and Parents in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Social Capital Approach to Scale a Smartphone Application in Zaatari Camp, Jordan 

Odeh R.; Gharaibeh L.; Badran E.F.; Bani Hani F.; Alassaf A.

Children with type one diabetes who are migrants and refugees suffer from poor metabolic control and frequent acute complications, a study from Jordan, a limited resource country with high migrant/refugee population 

Al Qaralleh A.S.

Jordan and Syrian humanitarian refugees' dilemma: international law perspective 

Khawaldah H.; Alzboun N.

Socio-economic and environmental impacts of Syrian Refugees in Jordan: A Jordanians’ perspective 

Alnuaimi K.; Alshraifeen A.; Aljaraedah H.

Factors influencing quality of life among syrian refugees pregnant women in Jordan: A cross-sectional study 

Khalid M.B.; Qandil A.; Beithou N.; Aybar H.Ş.

Renewable hydrogen driven CHCP device 

Shaheen A.; Othman A.; Hamdan K.; Albqoor M.A.; Atoom M.A.; Langer A.; Gausman J.

Child Marriage in Relation to the Syrian Conflict: Jordanian and Syrian Adolescents' Perspectives 

Al-Najjar E.; Sukor N.S.A.; Shbeeb L.I.

Addressing safety issues along the way to school: Qualitative findings from Jerash camp, Jordan 

Kiwan S.M.; Alhassan M.A.; Hamad B.M.

Development of a simple sustainable camping shelter for addressing the needs of refugees in Jordan 

Bryant R.A.; Bawaneh A.; Awwad M.; Al-Hayek H.; Giardinelli L.; Whitney C.; Jordans M.J.D.; Cuijpers P.; Sijbrandij M.; Ventevogel P.; Dawson K.; Akhtar A.

Twelve-month follow-up of a randomised clinical trial of a brief group psychological intervention for common mental disorders in Syrian refugees in Jordan 

Damra J.K.; Akour M.M.; Ghbari T.A.

The Relationship Between Peer Bullying and PTSS in Refugee Schoolchildren 

Mends L.; Ghanem A.; Al Hamouri F.Z.

Sustainable Development Goals and social work in the migration context–a higher education dialogue between Germany, Jordan, and Lebanon 

Al-Betawi Y.N.; Ali H.H.; Yousef S.I.

A methodology for evaluating housing quality in settlements of the displaced in Jordan 

Almakhamreh S.; Asfour H.Z.; Hutchinson A.

Negotiating patriarchal relationships to become economically active: an insight into the agency of Syrian refugee women in Jordan using frameworks of womanism and intersectionality 

Samara A.; Sweis R.J.; Tarawneh B.; Albalkhy W.; Sweis G.; Alhomsi S.

Sustainability management of international development projects by International Non-Governmental Organizations: the case of INGOs working with refugees in Jordan 

Welsh D.H.B.; Othman D.; Alserhan B.; Zeqiri J.; Al-Madadha A.; Ramadani V.

The impact of the international crisis on the entrepreneurial intentions of refugees 

Halsey K.; Alarood S.; Nawaiseh M.; Mir G.

An exploration of politicized healthcare access for Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan: a question of equity 

Shamieh J.M.; Sawalha I.H.; Madanat H.M.

Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment for refugee education crises 

Cole R.; Al-Ma'aitah N.; Al Hasan R.

Integrating Syrian refugee workers in global supply chains: creating opportunities for stable trade 

Alduraidi H.; Hamaideh S.H.; Hamdan-Mansour A.

Determinants of personal social capital among Syrian refugees: comparison of inside and outside camps residence 

Michalek J.; Lisi M.; Binetti N.; Ozkaya S.; Hadfield K.; Dajani R.; Mareschal I.

War-related trauma linked to increased sustained attention to threat in children 

Al-Awaida W.; Al-Ameer H.J.; Al-Turk H.; Al bawareed O.; Khalil R.; Al Deek A.; Fatima G.; Imraish A.; Mohanad Al-Dabet M.; Akash M.W.

Psychological effects of quarantine on Syrian refugees, compared to the Jordanian populations 

van Blerk L.; Shand W.; Prazeres L.; Bukenya B.; Essaid A.A.; Hunter J.; Ibrahim R.W.; Kasirye R.

Youth transitions in protracted crises: conceptualising the ‘rupture’ of refugees' pathways to adulthood in Uganda and Jordan 

Harada Y.; Kishk N.A.; Hajat S.; Akita M.; Horino M.; Albaik S.; Naqera K.A.; Hababeh M.; Habash R.; Seita A.

Adherence to UNRWA's anaemia treatment guidelines in the Jerash Camp Health Centre, Jordan: a retrospective observational study 

Darawsheh W.B.; Bewernitz M.; Tabbaa S.; Justiss M.

Factors Shaping Occupational Injustice among Resettled Syrian Refugees in the United States 

Husein Malkawi D.A.; Husein Malkawi A.I.

Stability Analysis of the New Section in Raising the Existing Composite Wala Dam Using Finite Element Methods 

Gibellini S.; Abu Qdais H.; Vaccari M.

Municipal solid waste management in refugee hosting communities: Analysis of a case study in northern Jordan 

Damra J.K.; Abujilban S.

Reasons for Not Seeking Professional Help by Abused Refugee Women: A Qualitative Study 

Al-Natour A.; Morris E.J.; Mohammad Al-Ostaz S.

Through Her Eyes: The Impact of War on Syrian Refugee Families 

Al Tal R.; Sallam S.; Ali H.

Syrian Crisis Impacts on the International Refugee Education Fund in Jordan 

Jamaluddine Z.; Paolucci G.; Ballout G.; Al-Fudoli H.; Day L.T.; Seita A.; Campbell O.M.R.

Classifying caesarean section to understand rising rates among Palestinian refugees: results from 290,047 electronic medical records across five settings 

Salim N.A.; Sawair F.A.; Meyad F.H.; Satterthwaite J.D.; Abukaraky A.; Sartawi S.

Pattern, frequency and causes of dental extraction among children/adolescents Syrian refugees: an observational study 

Eiset A.H.; Aoun M.P.; Stougaard M.; Gottlieb A.G.; Haddad R.S.; Frydenberg M.; Naja W.J.

The association between long-distance migration and PTSD prevalence in Syrian refugees 

Yoshino Y.; Sato M.; Abu-Siam I.; Khost N.; Honda S.; Qarawi A.T.; Hassan O.G.; Huy N.T.; Kamiya Y.

Assessment of physical activity and its facilitators and barriers among Syrian refugees living in Amman City, Jordan: a cross-sectional study 

Jamal Z.; ElKhatib Z.; AlBaik S.; Horino M.; Waleed M.; Fawaz F.; Loffreda G.; Seita A.; Witter S.; Diaconu K.

Social determinants and mental health needs of Palestine refugees and UNRWA responses in Gaza during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative assessment 

Gausman J.; Huda F.A.; Othman A.; Al Atoom M.; Shaheen A.; Hamad I.; Dabobe M.; Mahmood H.R.; Ibnat R.; Langer A.

Girl child marriage and the social context of displacement: a qualitative comparative exploration of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh 

Brooks M.A.; Meinhart M.; Samawi L.; Mukherjee T.; Jaber R.; Alhomsh H.; Kaushal N.; Al Qutob R.; Khadra M.; El-Bassel N.; Dasgupta A.

Mental health of clinic-attending Syrian refugee women in Jordan: associations between social ecological risks factors and mental health symptoms 

Valente de Almeida S.; Paolucci G.; Seita A.; Ghattas H.

Co-payments and equity in care: enhancing hospitalisation policy for Palestine refugees in Lebanon 

Khadra M.M.; Suradi H.H.; Amarin J.Z.; El-Bassel N.; Kaushal N.; Jaber R.M.; Al-Qutob R.; Dasgupta A.

Risk factors for miscarriage in Syrian refugee women living in non-camp settings in Jordan: results from the Women ASPIRE cross-sectional study 

Jarrar A.

Entrepreneurship in Jordan: the eco-system of the Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (SESOs) 

Al-Hatamleh M.A.I.; Hatmal M.M.; Mustafa S.H.F.; Alzu’bi M.; AlSou’b A.F.; Abughanam S.N.S.; Olaimat A.N.; Kateeb E.T.; Mohamud R.

Experiences and perceptions of COVID-19 infection and vaccination among Palestinian refugees in Jerash camp and Jordanian citizens: a comparative cross-sectional study by face-to-face interviews 

Aburamadan R.

Refugee-led socio-spatial organization in Al Baqa’a camp, Jordan 

Almahireh A.S.; Alkhawaldeh M.K.; Salem H.M.

Contribution of the Big Five Personality Factors in predicting psychological hardiness among counselors working in providing psychosocial support for refugees in Jordan 

Bryant R.A.; Bawaneh A.; Awwad M.; Al-Hayek H.; Giardinelli L.; Whitney C.; Jordans M.J.D.; Cuijpers P.; Sijbrandij M.; Ventevogel P.; Dawson K.; Akhtar A.

Effectiveness of a brief group behavioral intervention for common mental disorders in Syrian refugees in Jordan: A randomized controlled trial 

Altare C.; Kostandova N.; OKeeffe J.; Hayek H.; Fawad M.; Musa Khalifa A.; Spiegel P.B.

COVID-19 epidemiology and changes in health service utilization in Azraq and Zaatari refugee camps in Jordan: A retrospective cohort study 

Bryant R.A.; Malik A.; Aqel I.S.; Ghatasheh M.; Habashneh R.; Dawson K.S.; Watts S.; Jordans M.J.D.; Brown F.L.; van Ommeren M.; Akhtar A.

Effectiveness of a brief group behavioural intervention on psychological distress in young adolescent Syrian refugees: A randomised controlled trial 

Jones N.; Baird S.; Hamad B.A.; Bhutta Z.A.; Oakley E.; Shah M.; Sajdi J.; Yount K.M.

Compounding inequalities: Adolescent psychosocial wellbeing and resilience among refugee and host communities in Jordan during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Mulligan C.J.; Clukay C.J.; Matarazzo A.; Hadfield K.; Nevell L.; Dajani R.; Panter-Brick C.

Novel GxE effects and resilience: A case: control longitudinal study of psychosocial stress with war-affected youth 

Al-Mahadin S.

Mediating mainstream and fringe masculinities on Jordanian comedy shows: Roya TV as a case study 

Ballout A.; Alhasan M.; Fraihat S.; Elhassan A.

Business intelligence and data analytics framework: case study of humanitarian organisations refugees’ registration system 

Al-Najjar D.; Al-Najjar H.; Al-Rousan N.

long-term general inDex PreDiction BaseD on Feature selection anD search methoDs: amman stock exchange market1; [Применение метода отбора признаков для долгосрочного прогноза индекса амманской фондовой биржи] 

Al-Dala’ien O.A.; Al-Shboul Y.; Aldowkat I.M.; Al-Takhayinh A.

Visualising the Russia-Ukraine War: A Semiotic Analysis of Arab Social Media Cartoons 

Sumadi M.A.; Alkhateeb N.A.; Alnsour A.S.; Abuhashesh M.Y.; Ahmed A.

Impact of Managerial Empowerment on Job Performance: A Pragmatic Investigation on Female Syrian Refugees in Turkey 

Kheirallah K.A.; Al-Zureikat S.H.; Al-Mistarehi A.-H.; Alsulaiman J.W.; Alqudah M.; Khassawneh A.H.; Lorettu L.; Bellizzi S.; Mzayek F.; Elbarazi I.; Serlin I.A.

The Association of Conflict-Related Trauma with Markers of Mental Health Among Syrian Refugee Women: The Role of Social Support and Post-Traumatic Growth 

Bawadi H.; Al-Hamdan Z.M.; Farhat E.; Aldasoqi K.Y.; Alhammdan M.; Jabaiti S.

The Rights of Unborn and Newborn Babies in Jordanian Arab Culture: Implications for Practice 

Magableh S.; Alalawneh M.; Alqalawi U.


Al-Nammari F.; Malhis S.

Participatory Urban Improvement and Gender. Lessons from Jordan Refugee Camps 

Hammad A.M.; Al Qerem W.; Alaqabani H.; Alasmari F.; Ling J.

Factors influencing hypertension and diabetes mellitus control among Syrian refugees in Zaatari refugee camp 

Bawadi H.; Al-Hamdan Z.; Khader Y.; Aldalaykeh M.

Barriers to the use of mental health services by Syrian refugees in Jordan: a qualitative study; [Obstacles au recours des réfugiés syriens aux services de santé mentale en Jordanie: étude qualitative] 

Singh A.; El-Bassel N.; Kaushal N.; Meinhart M.; Hartmann J.K.; Mukherjee T.; Khadra M.; Jaber R.; Al-Qutob R.; Dasgupta A.

Financial dependence and intimate partner violence (IPV) among married Syrian refugee women living in non-camp settings in Jordan 

Muhaidat N.; Alshrouf M.A.; Alshajrawi R.N.; Miqdadi Z.R.; Amro R.; Rabab’ah A.O.; Qatawneh S.A.; Albandi A.M.; Fram K.

Cervical Cancer Screening among Female Refugees in Jordan: A Cross-Sectional Study 

Hammad A.M.; Al-Qerem W.; Alasmari F.; Ling J.; Qarqaz R.; Alaqabani H.

Identifying Drug-Therapy Problems among Syrian Refugees in Zaatari Refugee Camp 

Kheirallah K.A.; Ababneh B.F.; Bendak H.; Alsuwaidi A.R.; Elbarazi I.

Exploring the Mental, Social, and Lifestyle Effects of a Positive COVID-19 Infection on Syrian Refugees in Jordan: A Qualitative Study 

Al Shogoor S.; Sahwan W.; Hazaymeh K.; Almhadeen E.; Schütt B.

Evaluating the Impact of the Influx of Syrian Refugees on Land Use/Land Cover Change in Irbid District, Northwestern Jordan 

Abu-Taieh E.M.; AlHadid I.; Alkhawaldeh R.S.; Khwaldeh S.; Masa’deh R.; Alrowwad A.; Al-Eidie R.

An Empirical Study of Factors Influencing the Perceived Usefulness and Effectiveness of Integrating E-Learning Systems during the COVID-19 Pandemic Using SEM and ML: A Case Study in Jordan 

Talafha Q.M.; Al-Haidose A.; AlSamman A.Y.; Abdallah S.A.; Istaiteyeh R.; Ibrahim W.N.; Hatmal M.M.; Abdallah A.M.

COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance among Vulnerable Groups: Syrian Refugees in Jordan 

Alherebat S.; Alananzeh A.

Assessment of the Geomorphological Effects of Human Activity in Russeifa District, Jordan 

Nashwan A.; Sobh M.; Khamaysa I.; Harahsheh M.; Salem H.

Quality of Life among Older Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Quantitative Study 

Al-Husban N.

Investigating Syrian refugees’ education in Jordan: From policies to pedagogy 

Orubu E.S.F.; Albeik S.; Ching C.; Hussein R.; Mousa A.; Horino M.; Naqa R.; Elayyan M.; Saadeh R.; Zaman M.H.

A Survey Assessing Antimicrobial Prescribing at United Nations Relief and Works Agency Primary Health Care Centers in Jordan 

Al-Assaf A.; Al-Khalidi K.; Parker T.; Tadros M.; Majdalawi M.


Mowafi O.; Al-Hasan M.; Atkins J.

The Impact of Syrian Refugee crisis on NGO governance and Accountability in Jordan

Alatoom N.A.; Al-Afef A.K.; Aljedayh K.S.; Al Azzam T.M.; Abumelhim M.H.; Rababah M.A.

The Future of Refuge in the Middle East: Social and Political Impacts

Dehnel R.; Dalky H.; Sudarsan S.; Al-Delaimy W.K.

Suicidality Among Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan 

Falah G.; Massad S.; Adwan L.; Kafri R.; Dalloul H.; Rhodes A.

Israel’s spatial and a-spatial strategy of dispossessing the Jordan Valley’s Palestinian Inhabitants 

Carrion-Martin A.I.; Alrawashdeh A.; Karapanagos G.; Mahmoud R.; Ta’anii N.; Hawari M.; Dittmann S.; Hammad L.; Huisman G.; Sherlock M.; Reddy A.

Socioeconomic and Medical Vulnerabilities Among Syrian Refugees with Non-communicable Diseases Attending Médecins Sans Frontières Services in Irbid, Jordan 

El-Halabi S.; Khader Y.S.; Khdeir M.A.; Hanson C.; Alfvén T.; El-Khatib Z.

Children Immunization App (CIMA): A Non-randomized Controlled Trial Among Syrian Refugees in Zaatari Camp, Jordan 

Sumadi M.A.; Alkhateeb N.A.; Alnsour A.S.; Sumadi M.

Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Syrian Refugee on Socioeconomic Sectors: Evidence from Jordan 

Nathani K.; Lee W.-C.; Taha S.; Horino M.; Seita A.; Serag H.

The Association Between Mental Well-Being and School Attendance Among Palestinian Adolescent Refugees in UNRWA Schools 

Al-Harahsheh A.; Al-Tarawneh A.; Al-Ma'abreh A.; Ramadeen S.; El-Hasan T.; Al-Alawi M.M.

Assessing of drinking water quality in Al-karak province in central Jordan; based on water saturation indices 

Smaik N.; Simmons L.A.; Abdulhaq B.; Dardas L.A.

The feasibility and preliminary efficacy of narrative exposure therapy on post-traumatic stress disorder among Syrian refugees in Jordan 

Gammoh O.; Bjørk M.-H.; Al Rob O.A.; AlQudah A.R.; Hani A.B.; Al-Smadi A.

The association between antihypertensive medications and mental health outcomes among Syrian war refugees with stress and hypertension 

Eggerman J.J.; Dajani R.; Kumar P.; Chui S.; Qtaishat L.; El Kharouf A.; Panter-Brick C.

Social networks, empowerment, and wellbeing among Syrian refugee and Jordanian women: Implications for development and social inclusion 

Bellizzi S.; Muthu N.; Khader Y.; Boukerdenna H.; Darwish D.; Al-Sheikh A.; Santoro A.; Alonso-Garbayo A.

COVID-19 and non-communicable diseases in complex vulnerable populations: Evidence from Jordan 

Shalabi A.; Abu Amrieh Y.

Rawi Hage’s Cockroach and Laila Lalami’s The Other Americans: images of twenty-first century Occident in Arab eyes 

Damra J.K.; Akour M.M.

Breaking the Silence: Understanding the Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence on Refugee Men, with Depression as a Key Outcome 

Abu-Khafajah S.

Heritage, modernity and the Muhajirin in Amman: decolonising urban knowledge in Ras-Al-Ein 

Gharaibeh A.; AlRahahleh M.; Alhamad M.N.

Potential business-shed model for spatial economic land use planning: towards regional economic resilience 

Woodward A.; Sondorp E.; Barry A.S.; Dieleman M.A.; Fuhr D.C.; Broerse J.E.W.; Akhtar A.; Awwad M.; Bawaneh A.; Bryant R.; Sijbrandij M.; Cuijpers P.; Roberts B.

Scaling up task-sharing psychological interventions for refugees in Jordan: A qualitative study on the potential barriers and facilitators 

Ratnayake R.; Rawashdeh F.; Abualrub R.; Al-Ali N.; Fawad M.; Bani Hani M.; Zoubi S.; Goyal R.; Al-Amire K.; Mahmoud R.; Almaaitah R.; Parmar P.K.

Rapidly adapted community health strategies to prevent treatment interruption and improve COVID-19 detection for Syrian refugees and the host population with hypertension and diabetes in Jordan 

Momani A.M.; Alduraidi H.; Zaghmouri A.

“Safety and security are everything”: a qualitative study on the quality of life of Syrian refugees living in Za’atari camp 

Abuhussein T.

The impact of COVID-19 on refugee women’s entrepreneurship in Jordan 

Al-Ali N.M.; Telfah R.K.

The effect of health literacy in explaining medication adherence among patients with hypertension: A cross-sectional study of Syrian refugees in Jordan 

Salim N.A.; Sawair F.A.; Abusidu Z.; Sharaireh A.M.; Satterthwaite J.D.; Hassona Y.

Pattern, frequency and causes of tooth extraction among adult Syrian refugees 

Popescu C.; Mousa A.B.; Bellizzi S.; Ali M.; Alhawarat M.N.; Alsawalha L.; Hussainat M.; El-Alam R.; Shakkour M.; Al-Qutob R.; Al-Shboul R.A.; Al-Hawari F.I.

Risk as catalyst for positive change: lessons learnt from public health readiness for cholera in Jordan 

Amr R.A.; Al-Smadi A.M.; Deiranieh R.A.; Amr R.A.; Mayyas A.H.; Akasheh R.T.

Understanding the Association of Self-Efficacy, Mood, and Demographics with Physical Activity in Syrian and Iraqi Refugees: A Cross-Sectional Study in Jordan 

Damra J.K.; Akour M.M.; Qatawneh M.A.

Intimate Partner Violence Victimization Among Refugee Men: Prevalence and Correlates With Associated Factors 

Alsoukhni M.A.; Khader Y.; Abaza H.; Wilson N.; Satyanarayana S.

Tuberculosis-related knowledge, behaviors, stigmatizing attitude, and discrimination among refugees, migrants, and the general population in Jordan 

Bridi L.; Kaki D.A.; Behnam R.; Khan X.; Albahsahli B.; Bencheikh N.; Aljenabi R.; Ahmadi N.; Dajani R.; Al-Rousan T.

Attitudes toward dementia and cognitive aging among Syrian refugees resettled in Jordan: a qualitative study 

Folayan M.O.; Schroth R.J.; Ayouni I.; Nguweneza A.; Arheiam A.; Al-Batayneh O.B.; Virtanen J.I.; Gaffar B.; Duangthip D.; Sun I.G.; Mohebbi S.; Feldens C.A.; Tantawi M.E.

A scoping review linking early childhood caries to violence, neglect, internally displaced, migrant and refugee status 

Chowdhury A.T.; Kundu S.; Sultana Z.Z.; Hijazi H.H.A.; Hossain A.

A formative research to explore the programmatic approach of vaccinating the Rohingya refugees and host communities against COVID-19 infection in Bangladesh 

Kiralj Lacković J.; Ajduković D.; Abdel-Fatah D.; Hertner L.; Alkhatib W.

Socio-psychological integration from the perspective of receiving communities: a cross-country comparison between Sweden, Germany, Croatia and Jordan 

Thana’ Y.A.; Hamed R.T.; Reema F.T.

The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Food and Nutrition Security and Dietary Habits Among Syrian Refugees in Camps: A General Review 

Alshmaseen O.M.; Jarrah M.; Alghazo S.

Refusal strategies used by Jordanians and Syrian refugees in Jordan 

Aldahleh H.; Batieha A.; Elayyan R.; Abdo N.; Abuzayed I.; Albaik S.; Shahin Y.; Seita A.

Clinical profile, prognosis and post COVID-19 syndrome among UNRWA staff in Jordan: A clinical case-series study 

Al-Homoud M.; Samarah O.

Efficiency of the Settlement Influence by Settlement Patterns at the Zaatari Camp, Jordan 

Qafisheh M.M.; Sahtout R.; Albanese F.; Takkenberg L.

The Lex Specialis Regime Pertinent to Palestinian Refugees 

Basheti I.A.; Ayasrah S.M.; Al-Qudah R.A.

Post-traumatic stress disorders among Syrian refugees residing in non-camp settings in Jordan 

Aburamadan R.F.

A multidimensional criteria for designing refugee camps: the case of Al Baqa’a, Jordan 

Bouchebouche H.; Abutaleb H.

Challenging Trauma’s Invisibility: Constructing Voice in AlAmmar’s Silence is a Sense 

Boualem B.; Alshetawi M.F.

The Civil War Female Refugee and Assimilation: An Acculturative Study of Layla AlAmmar’s Silence Is a Sense 

Kailani N.; Amrieh Y.A.

Unveiling the Cover: Marketing Arab Anglophone Female Literature 

Shtayyat K.F.; Abu-Baker N.N.

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice toward Antibiotic use with Acute Respiratory Infection among Parents of Children under Five Years 

Jamaluddine Z.; Seita A.; Ballout G.; Al-Fudoli H.; Paolucci G.; Albaik S.; Ibrahim R.; Sato M.; Ghattas H.; Campbell O.M.R.

Establishment of a birth-to-education cohort of 1 million Palestinian refugees using electronic medical records and electronic education records 

Hartmann J.M.K.; Mukherjee T.I.; Khadra M.; Kaushal N.; Ei-Bassel N.; Dasgupta A.

Perceived Discrimination and Poverty among Syrian Refugee Women in Jordan 

Alshboul Z.; Awais B.; Malkawi M.; Al-Rousan M.


Kanaan S.F.; Abu Hanna A.M.; Hadoush H.; Khalil H.; Almhdawi K.

Physiotherapists' job satisfaction in the workplace: A cross-sectional study in Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, and Gaza 

Al-Hussaini M.; Al-Ani A.; Hammouri M.; Al-Huneidy L.; Mansour A.

Investigating the impact of COVID-19 on patients with cancer from areas of conflict within the MENA region treated at King Hussein Cancer Center 

Guo P.; Alajarmeh S.; Alarjeh G.; Alrjoub W.; Al-Essa A.; Abusalem L.; Giusti A.; Mansour A.H.; Sullivan R.; Shamieh O.; Harding R.

Providing person-centered palliative care in conflict-affected populations in the Middle East: What matters to patients with advanced cancer and families including refugees? 

Rihani R.; Jeha S.; Nababteh M.; Rodriguez-Galindo C.; Mansour A.; Sultan I.

The burden and scope of childhood cancer in displaced patients in Jordan: The King Hussein Cancer Center and Foundation Experience 

Alarjeh G.; Boufkhed S.; Alrjoub W.; Guo P.; Yurduşen S.; Ahmed F.; Abdal-Rahman M.; Alajarmeh S.; Alnassan A.; Al-Awady S.; Kutluk T.; Harding R.; Shamieh O.

Communication and information sharing with pediatric patients including refugees with advanced cancer, their caregivers, and health care professionals in Jordan: a qualitative study 

Boufkhed S.; Yurduşen S.; Alarjeh G.; Ahmed F.; Alrjoub W.; Guo P.; Alajarmeh S.; Şengelen M.; Cemaloğlu M.; Aydın B.; Alnassan A.; Al-Awady S.; Kutluk T.; Shamieh O.; Harding R.

Concerns and priority outcomes for children with advanced cancer and their families in the Middle East: A cross-national qualitative study 

Al-Shatanawi T.N.; Khader Y.; ALSalamat H.; Al Hadid L.; Jarboua A.; Amarneh B.; Alkouri O.; Alfaqih M.A.; Alrabadi N.

Identifying psychosocial problems, needs, and coping mechanisms of adolescent Syrian refugees in Jordan 

Al-Shatanawi T.N.; Khader Y.; Abdel Razeq N.; Khader A.M.; Alfaqih M.; Alkouri O.; Alyahya M.

Disparities in Obstetric, Neonatal, and Birth Outcomes Among Syrian Women Refugees and Jordanian Women 

Almomani M.A.; Al-Ababneh N.; Abdalla K.; Shbeeb N.I.; Pantouvakis J.-P.; Lagaros N.D.

Selecting the Best 3D Concrete Printing Technology for Refugee Camp’s Shelter Construction Using Analytical Hierarchy Process: The Case of Syrian Refugees in Jordan 

Khader Y.; Al Nsour M.; Abu Khudair S.; Saad R.; Tarawneh M.R.; Lami F.

Strengthening Primary Healthcare in Jordan for Achieving Universal Health Coverage: A Need for Family Health Team Approach 

Alkouri O.; Khader Y.; Al-Bashaireh A.M.

Prevalence of Cigarettes and Waterpipe Smoking among Jordanians, Refugees, and Migrants in Jordan and Its Associated Factors: A Secondary Data Analysis 

Moayerian N.; Stephenson M., Jr.; Abu Karaki M.; Abbadi R.

Exploring Syrian Refugees’ Access to Medical and Social Support Services Using a Trauma-Informed Analytic Framework 

Atrooz F.; Aljararwah S.M.; Chen T.A.; Khabour O.F.; Salim S.

Understanding Mental Health Status of Syrian Refugee and Jordanian Women: Novel Insights from a Comparative Study 

Atrooz F.; Aljararwah S.M.; Acquati C.; Khabour O.F.; Salim S.

Breast Cancer Beliefs and Screening Practices among Syrian Refugee Women and Jordanian Women 

Gharaibeh A.A.; Jaradat M.A.; Kanaan L.M.

A Machine Learning Framework for Assessing Urban Growth of Cities and Suitability Analysis 

Al-Rousan N.; Al-Najjar D.; Al-Najjar H.

Assessing the Impact of Syrian Refugee Influx on the Jordanian Stock Exchange Market 

Alrawad M.; Lutfi A.; Almaiah M.A.; Alsyouf A.; Arafa H.M.; Soliman Y.; Elshaer I.A.

A Novel Framework of Public Risk Assessment Using an Integrated Approach Based on AHP and Psychometric Paradigm 

Alkharouf R.; Shehadeh A.; Khazaleh K.; Al-Azzam A.; Khalayleh M.

Assessing Refugee Preferences for SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) Solutions in Irbid Camp and Sakhra Region: Cultivated Roofs and Refrigerators as Food Banks Interventions 

Sukhon A.; Khmash M.A.

Syrian Refugees Evaluation for the Services Provided By High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) In Zaatari Refugee Camp (A Field Study) 

Mustafa M.A.M.; Al-Mawadiah R.S.M.

The Obstacles Facing the Community of the Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan; [المعيقات التي تواجه مجتمع مخيمات اللاجئين السوريين في الأردن] 

Sumadi M.A.; Comite U.; Tahir M.; Alkhateeb N.A.; Alnsour A.S.

Managerial Empowerment and Job Performance: An Empirical Study of Female Syrian Refugees in Jordan 

Al-Sarayrah A.J.; Bahri N.A.A.A.; Alkhatib W.Y.

The suffering of Syrian refugee children in Jordanian host communities: A follow-up study to reveal the problems facing the Syrian refugee children

Taha S.A.; Anabtawi M.

Unheard voices: The living reality of unaccompanied refugee children in Jordan 

Oweidat I.; Omari A.; ALBashtawy M.; Al Omar Saleh; Alrahbeni T.; Al-Mugheed K.; Alsheikh A.D.I.

Factors affecting the quality of working life among nurses caring for Syrian refugee camps in Jordan 

Al Haddad M.; Al Shawabkeh R.; Haddad M.; Salameh F.

Determining the Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Urban Host Communities in Jordan: An Analytical Study of the Za’atari Region 



The Law Faculty, as an independent entity, commenced its function in September 1999. It succeeded the Law Department, which was established in 1991 as part of the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences.

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   العنوان : جامعة اليرموك , اربد, الأردن