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Al Akash R.

Chalmiers M.A.


Early marriage among Syrianrefugees in Jordan: exploringcontested meanings through ethnography


Al Akash, R., de Regt, M., & Al Masri, S.

"A Double-Edged Sword? The Role of Digital Technologies in Marriage and Divorce Among Syrian Refugees in Northern Jordan"




    Qudah S.; Al-Haq F.A.-A.





From Campus to Camps: The Linguistic Challenges of Training Humanitarian Interpreters to Work in Mental Health Clinics







Al-Qudah Z.; Al-Duwairi B.;

Al-Khaleel O.



  DDoS protection as a service: Hiding       behind the giants




Emad A. Ayasreh




Humanitarian Diplomacy Strategy For Syrian Refugees and Its Effect on Jordan's Foreign Policy




    file:///C:/Users/yu/Downloads/856-Article%20Text-1714-1-10-                               20230321.pdf 


                 Shami S.


Gender, domestic space, and urban upgrading: A case study from Amman




Alkharouf R.; Shehadeh

A.; Khazaleh K.;

Al-Azzam A.; Khalayleh M.



Assessing Refugee Preferences for SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) Solutions in Irbid Camp and Sakhra Region: Cultivated Roofs and Refrigerators as Food Banks Interventions



Şahin Mencütek Z.;

Nashwan A.J.J.

Employment of Syrian refugees in Jordan: challenges and opportunities



Alefesha H.M.N.;

Al-Jamal D.A.H.


Syrian refugees’ challenges and problems of learning and teaching English as a foreign language (EFL): Jordan as an example






Kliewer W.; Kheirallah

K.A.; Cobb C.O.;

Alsulaiman J.W.;

Mzayek F.; Jaddou H.



Trauma exposure and post-traumatic stress symptoms among Syrian refugee youth in Jordan: Social support and gender as moderators



Sahin Mencutek Z.;Nashwan A.J.



Perceptions About the Labor Market Integration of Refugees: Evidences from Syrian Refugees in Jordan



Tobin S.A.; Momani F.

; Al Yakoub T.

The war has divided us more than ever’: Syrian refugee family networks and social capital for mobility through protracted displacement in Jordan




Kheirallah K.A.; Al-Zureikat S.H.; Al-Mistarehi A.-H.; Alsulaiman J.W.; Alqudah M.; Khassawneh A.H.; Lorettu L.; Bellizzi S.; Mzayek F.; Elbarazi I.; Serlin I.A.


The Association of Conflict-Related Trauma with Markers of Mental Health Among Syrian Refugee Women: The Role of Social Support and Post-Traumatic Growth


Momani .F.A;  Hamouri .M.A




The Extent of Practicing the Psychological First Aid (PFA) Skills among Counselors Working with Refugees







Jaber R.; Nashwan A.





Aid Programs Integration: Case

Study of Alzaatri Refugee

Camp in Jordan; [تكامل برامج

المساعدات الانسانية : دراسة حالة لمخيم

الزعتري بالاردن 




Seetan K.; Rashdan Y.;

alsharei A.; al bashir S.; al madani A.; alqa'dan M.; al Momani A.; al samarah H.




Impact of socio-demographic

factors on knowledge,

attitude and practices toward

scabies among syrian refugees in Jordan: A prospective cross

       sectional study


Alkouri O.; Khader Y.; Al-Bashaireh A.M.




Prevalence of Cigarettes and

Waterpipe Smoking among

Jordanians, Refugees, and

Migrants in Jordan and It

s Associated Factors: A Secondary Data Analysis



Hamouri. M.A


Assessing the Psychological and Social Impacts of the Refugee Crisis on Members of the Refugees-Hosting Community: A Survey Study of the Jordan Community


Mahasneh A.A.; Obeidat M.M.


Conflict zones: A training model for interpreters



Nashwan A.; Cummings S.M.; Gagnon K.

Older female Iraqi refugees in the United States: Voices of struggle and strength


Shami S.


Transnationalism and refugee studies: Rethinking forced migration and identity in the Middle East





Kheirallah K.A.; Cobb C.O.; Alsulaiman J.W.; Alzoubi A.; Hoetger C.; Kliewer W.;Mzayek F.



Trauma exposure, mental health and tobacco use among vulnerable Syrian refugee youth in Jordan


Gammoh O.; Durand H.;

Abu-Shaikh H.; Alsous M.


Post-traumatic stress disorder burden among female Syrian war refugees is associated with dysmenorrhea severity but not with the analgesics



Muhaidat M.; Alodat A.M.; Almeqdad Q.I.


Inclusive Education Practices for Refugee Children with Disabilities in Jordanian Schools






Zanetti D.; Sadiq M.;

Carreras-Torres R.;

Khabour O.; Alkaraki A.;

Esteban E.; Via M.; Moral P.


Human diversity in jordan: Polymorphic alu insertions in general jordanian and bedouin groups



McNeely C.A.; Morland L.; Doty S.B.; Meschke L.L.; Awad S.; Husain A.; Nashwan A.


How Schools Can Promote Healthy Development for Newly Arrived Immigrant and Refugee Adolescents: Research Priorities



Alwaked A.A.; Al-qalawi U.R.; Azaizeh S.Y.


Efficiency of Jordanian public hospitals (2006–2015)


Al-Simadi F.; Atoum A.O.


Family environment and self-concept of palestinian youth living in Jordanian refugee camps




Al Shogoor S.; Sahwan W.; Hazaymeh K.; Almhadeen E.; Schütt B.



Evaluating the Impact of the Influx of Syrian Refugees on Land Use/Land Cover Change in Irbid District, Northwestern Jordan



Alodat A.M.; Gentry M.


Gifted education of Syrian refugee students in Jordan: SWOT factors (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)




Gammoh O.; Bjørk M.-H.;

Al Rob O.A.; AlQudah A.R.;

Hani A.B.; Al-Smadi A.


The association between antihypertensive medications and mental health outcomes among Syrian war refugees with stress and hypertension


            Basson P.



Domestic productivity in male– and female-headed households of rural Jordan





Al-Shatanawi T.N.; Khader Y.; ALSalamat H.; Al Hadid L.; Jarboua A.; Amarneh B.; Alkouri O.; Alfaqih M.A.; Alrabadi N.


Identifying psychosocial problems, needs, and coping mechanisms of adolescent Syrian refugees in Jordan


Nashwan A.J.; Alzouabi L.


The aftermath of the Syrian crisis: a glimpse of the challenging life of widowed and divorced refugee women in Jordan



Alodat A.M.; Momani F.A.


Gifted Syrian refugee students in Jordanian schools: have we identified them?



Zuntz A.-C.; Palattiyil G.;

Amawi A.; Al Akash R.;

Nashwan A.; Al Majali A.;

Nair H.


Early marriage and displacement—a conversation: how Syrian daughters, mothers and mothers-in-law in Jordan understand marital decision-making





Al-Shatanawi T.N.; Khader Y.; Abdel Razeq N.; Khader A.M.; Alfaqih M.; Alkouri O.;

Alyahya M.


Disparitis in Obstetric, Neonatal, and Birth Outcomes Among Syrian Women Refugees and Jordanian Women


         Al-Momani M.


The arab "youth quake": Implications on democratization and stability




Aldeek Z.A.O.; Alibrahim M.M.; Zeadeh S.


Requalifying the Irbid Refugee

Camp: Towards Integrated

Urban Development in Jordan


Boswall K.; Al Akash R.


Listening, resistance and mobile

phone playlists: musical listening practices of Syrian women

living as refugees in Northern Jordan



Al-Nouri Q.N.

The impact of the economic embargo

on Iraqi families: Re-structuring of tribes, socio-economic classes and households



Alodat A.M.; Momani F.A.


Evaluating educational services

offered for Syrian gifted refugee students in Jordanian schools




Nashwan A.; Sobh M.; Khamaysa I.; Harahsheh M.; Salem H.


Quality of Life among Older Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Quantitative Study



Yonis O.B.; Khader Y.; Jarboua A.; Al-Bsoul M.M.; Al-Akour N.; Alfaqih M.A.; Khatatbeh M.M.; Amarneh B.


Post-traumatic stress disorder among Syrian adolescent refugees in Jordan



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