(RDFMSC) Publishes the First Issue of its Newsletter in English electronically

Refugees, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center issued its first electronic newsletter in English, which is considered a continuation of the same issue that was issued in Arabic at the end of last June.  The newsletter introduces the center's activities and achievements.
The issue included an opening article by the University President, Dr. Islam Massad, in which he addressed a set of ideas that talk about the role of Yarmouk University conducting research and implement activities related to the refugee crisis. He adds that through the center's research and national roles in its field of work, it follows the royal vision in building a safe environment for refugees in Jordan.
Massad added that the university is committed to its national and academic role towards refugees, such as its interest in various national and humanitarian issues. The center, through its long years of work, played an integral role in conducting important research along with other national roles related to its field of work. It has also provided thought and has taken serious action to serve refugee issues and achieve the Hashemite vision in building a safe environment for refugees in this great Arab house, Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein.
He also stressed the university's keenness to develop the structure and work of the "refugee center" to simulate global experiences, and to strengthen partnerships with national and international partners capable of achieving the center's vision and activities.
In her speech, the Director of the Center, Prof. Reem Al-Kharouf, said that refugees and those who suffer from the effects and consequences of asylum were the center’s top priorities and constant focus of its various programs; we got feedback from them about their expectations of the center’s roles and what the center and its partners can do for them.
She added that we are still working under the slogan “Together We Can” to serve our beloved country, Jordan, our university, and the center that carries a profound humanitarian and scientific message.
Al-Kharouf invited all those interested in the issues of asylum, displacement and forced migration to work with the center as a team to achieve common goals.
The issue included what the center accomplished during the first half of this year: partnerships with many national and international bodies, the most prominent research and studies, and future activities to be implemented during the second half of this year and introducing the experiences of some university professors who are members of the center’s research network. In addition, the newsletter allocates a special space for volunteer students to express their opinions and highlight their activities and achievements.
The electronic version of this newsletter can be viewed through this link:
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