A Delegation from the universities participating in the (REACH) project visits Yarmouk

The Vice President of Yarmouk University for Planning, Development, Scientific Research, and Quality, Dr. Samer Samarah, met with a delegation of members from universities participating in the REACH project. The project focuses on addressing learning difficulties among Syrian refugee children, including those with disabilities. The University, represented by The Refugee, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center, along with Simon Fraser University in Canada and Atyrau University in Kazakhstan, is implementing this initiative.

Dr. Samarah emphasized that Yarmouk, fulfilling its societal responsibility towards refugees, has conducted numerous studies through The Refugee, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Centre. These studies address various aspects of refugees' education, health, and social issues, serving as a reference for researchers and decision-makers in refugee affairs. Additionally, the university, in collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, has provided refugees with opportunities to study various disciplines offered by Yarmouk at reduced costs under the parallel system for Jordanian students. This aims to facilitate refugee students' access to higher education.

He praised the effective collaboration between the Refugee Center, Simon Fraser University in Canada, and Atyrau University in Kazakhstan in implementing the Reach project at its various stages. This project is expected to have a positive impact on developing the skills of refugee children facing learning difficulties and children with disabilities, enabling them to integrate into their communities and fulfil their roles more easily and quickly.

During the meeting, Samarah also reviewed Yarmouk's establishment, its evolutionary stages, and the disciplines it offers in health, humanities, literature, and science. He discussed the university's future aspirations to obtain international accreditations for its various programs, underscoring its persistent efforts toward achieving excellence and leadership. He noted that the university has successfully obtained international accreditations in recent years for programs such as engineering, statistics, and information technology.

In turn, the delegation members commended the vital and pivotal role played by the Center for Refugee and Displaced Persons Studies in executing the stages of the Reach project. They acknowledged the centre's efforts to achieve the desired outcomes in developing the capabilities of refugee children facing learning difficulties, enabling them to confront educational challenges at various levels.

They expressed their universities' commitment to enhancing collaboration with Yarmouk University across various fields, recognizing its excellence and proven merit in research and academia.

During their visit to the university, delegation members met with the staff of the The Refugee, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center. The delegation received a detailed explanation from the centre's director, Dr. Raba Al-Akash, about the Center and its role in project implementation. The delegation emphasized their commitment to ongoing collaboration and sharing experiences with partner universities in the Reach project to achieve the desired results.


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